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If you've been in our store, you know that the wonderful smells, as we're creating chocolates and confectionary, are a huge part of the Hazel Hill Experience. People are amazed at how good it smells when we cook, made from scratch, caramel, marshmallows or fudge. Smell is so connected with taste that it's an inseparable part of enjoying fine chocolate. Now you can have those great memories wherever you are.

We are pleased to announce that Hazel Hill Chocolate's website is one of the first to take advantage of Google Nose technology. That's right, on Nose enabled devices you can not only see but, smell your favorite Hazel Hill Chocolates. We've captured all of those delicious smells using Android Ambient Odor Detection technology and stored them in a full library of smells from Hazel Hill Chocolate. With this new technology, you can be sure that what you smell is exactly like being in our shop. 

Try it today at Hazel Hill Chocolate


And, don't forget to have a Happy April Fools Day!

Photo's with Santa 2012

 We had a great time when Santa came to visit Hazel Hill Chocolate this Sat. It was great to have kids stop by to check up on their Christmas wish list. 

The pictures of Santa are here

Written by Nick Xidis — December 10, 2012

Updated Website

It's been quite a while since we updated the look of our website, hope you like it. Things should be a little easier to navigate and browser compatibility should be improved. We've also made it easier to leave a gift note or special handling instructions with your order. As always, your feedback is welcome. 

Food + Flicks

Thanks to Christina Hansen for a great Valentines story on our shop. Check it out here. Make sure to take a look at the great pictures of the Valentines treats. The strawberries are to die for and the tuxedo rice crispy treats have a heart in just the right place.

Statements Magazine

Thanks to Alyssa Reeves for mentioning that Hazel Hill was a tasty stop when visiting Topeka. You can read the rest of her travel advice here.

Free Stuff for Hullabaloo Sale Downtown

Congratulations to Cindy Chaffin the winner of our Classic Basket.

Free drawing and sale for the Hullabaloo Downtown Sidewalk Sale

Thursday 7/23 through Saturday 7/25

Stop in any time this week and enter a drawing to win our classic basket($34 value)

Truffles on Sale buy 3 get 1 free. Fudge Sale buy 2 slices get 1 free.

We are open 10am to 7pm M-F and 10am to 6pm on Saturday.

Written by Nick Xidis — July 20, 2009

The Muir's and Things

Thanks to the Muir family for a great blog post about Things. If you haven’t experienced a “Thing”, it similar to a chocolate truffle but slightly larger. Thing’s have a very moist cake based center. We have them in several flavors – the newest is German chocolate. Why not stop by a give one a try.

Written by Nick Xidis — June 18, 2009


If you’d like to connect with us on Facebook we have a group that you can join. Right now it looks like we have more than 300 friends of Hazel Hill – Thanks!

Written by Nick Xidis — May 19, 2009

Shipping Chocolates in the Summer

As we approach the warmer months of the year you may notice that our shipping rates are higher and the options are fewer. Chocolate is very fragile and the summer heat can turn a beautiful chocolate into a gooey mess. A high quality chocolate will turn liquid at about 84 degrees, the only way to make it tolerate the heat better would be to add ingredients that would negatively impact the taste mouth feel of our products – we don’t do that. So we’ll only be shipping via overnight or 2nd day and your cost will include special packaging to make sure that your order arrives in excellent condition.

If you’re looking for a treat that will hold up to the heat, try fudge! Fudge will get a bit softer when it’s warm but it will not melt. If you stop by our store on a hot day we have frozen bananas, cheesecake slices and ice cream – hand dipped in our quality chocolate while you watch. This is not some hard shell coating from a jar, we make it from the same chocolate we use to make the fine items your enjoy in our store everyday.

Written by Nick Xidis — May 07, 2009


Thanks for visiting Hazel Hill Chocolate, the absolute best place for handmade chocolate and confectionary.

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